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Keith Chambers

Handcrafted Limited Editions

Every piece of work is unique, customdesigned to complement any decor and hand crafted for years of enjoyment.

Unique and contemporary one-of-a-kind gear clocks made with select Kentucky hardwoods, exotic and sometimes rare woods from around the world. Power is supplied by a custom made 24 volt ac motor that is accurate to within one second a month. Gears are made by laminating three or four one-eighth thick solid wood blanks (since commercial plywood is unavailable) using a two part structural epoxy. The gear teeth are cut from the side of the gear blanks to give the look of real metal gear profiles. Each tooth requires three different custom made router bits to accomplish the final shape. The 64 tooth gear will have 192 router cuts to complete it's profile. The dials are made using exotic woods and has thirty-six parts, with over two hundred parts in the total construction of the clocks. Over one hundren seventy parts are custom made. The cabinet is finished with lacquer, the dial and hands with finishing oil. The gears are finished with a homemade mixture of equal parts of polyurethane, ting oil, and mineral spirits. All parts are sanded, hand rubbed with pumice, rotten stone and paraffin oil prior to waxing. Paste wax is applied to all surfaces except the gear teeth. No dyes or stains are used to enhance the woods. All colors are from the natural color of the woods.

My desire is to create an heirloom piece which will last for generations and more importantly, to artistically display the natural beauty of the wood. Custom made to order clocks are available. All clocks are signed and numbered.

About Keith Chambers

Keith Chambers grew up in Danville, Kentucky and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Education from Eastern Kentucky University. He has lived in Lexington since the late 70s. Keith has been a Design Engineer for the past 25 years with a life long passion for woodworking. This unique background provides Keith the creativity in contemporary one-of-a-kind wooden gear clocks.

Keith Chambers
430 Longview Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 338-6599